Commentary Preface
1st Treatise - The Magnetic light. The Aurora borealis.
2nd Treatise - Crystals: the relation of these and of the magnet to human organs. The poles of crystals. Light and force of these.
3rd Treatise - Certain physical and physiological laws of the organic force, hitherto called Magnetism, Relations to the magnet, to terrestrial magnetism, and to crystals.
4th Treatise - The rays of the sun and of the moon, heat, friction, light,—as sources of the new force.
5th Treatise - Chemism; the Magnetic tub; Digestion; Chemical action. The light over graves Voltaic and frictional Electricity;
electrical atmosphere.
6th Treatise - Matter in general: the heavenly bodies; regions of the earth. The new force, embracing - the whole universe. Nomenclature. The word Od.
7th Treatise - Dualism in the Odic phenomena. Warmth and cold. Magnets, Crystals, Plants, the Human body; their two halves; all polar. + Od and —Od. Variability of the odic intensity in time, in the human body.