Welcome to Etheronics.org

This site is dedicated to exploring the possible existence of an all-pervading substance or energy throughout the Universe, which has thus far escaped direct detection by mainstream science. Astrophysics is aware that there is an insufficient amount of matter in the observable universe to explain the behaviors of large scale objects, such as galaxies and galactic clusters. They are labeling this "missing" matter as "Dark Matter" and "Dark Energy".

Labeling something as dark-anything leaves one with a strong connotation of negativity. While we think that we are probably talking about two forms of the same "stuff", we would like to use a more benign label. Others throughout history have been convinced that a subtle energy pervades our world, and animates all living things. This energy has been called many things, but we will be referring to it as "Ether". This site focuses primarily on three indicators pointing to the existence of an ether, astrophysics hypothesis of Dark Energy/Dark Matter, the extensive work done by Baron Karl von Reichenbach into the detection, properties, and behavior of a substance/energy that he called "Od", and finally the Edgar Cayce readings, which used the term "ether" (when not referring to the anesthetic) to refer to an ubiquitous property of the universe which seems to be the key to his sources unorthodox, but astoundingly successful healing therapies. Cayce's source also outlined the key elements for several for several devices that can directly interact with the ether, which we will be experimenting with.

This site will look into the erroneous belief that the "ether hypothesis" was completely and soundly disproved by the Michelson-Morley experiment as well as others experimenters starting in 1881 and continuing right up through 1930. Actually, what was disproved by the experiments was not that there is no ether, but rather that light doesn't require any kind of a medium for its waves to propagate through. There is nothing found in the results of any of the experiments that invalidates the existence of an ether per se. For those that are not familiar with the famous experiment(s) Wikipedia has a good synopsis of the theory and its many failed experiments.

Given that ether does not seem to interact with normal matter in a way that is detectable through any of today's cadre of scientific instruments, it would seem to be difficult to investigate the hypothetical subject. However, there is one instrument that has repeatedly indicated the presence of a subtle substance or non-electromagnetic energy throughout historical times. That instrument is the human body and mind. There are probably hundreds of authors and experimenters that have written about the ether as it was understood in other cultures or detected by their own experiments. We will be looking at two of those sources, Karl Von Reichenbach and Edgar Cayce, and constructing experiments to follow from where they left off.